Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Excited for the new school year!

I am SO excited to be bringing an Art program to Star Academy!  Natomas Charter School is an amazing place to teach. Teachers are given the freedom and creativity to develop unique and engaging curriculum (an Art teachers dream).  I have taught Expressive Arts at Leading Edge Academy for the past five years and am thrilled to become a part of Star Academy!

Star kiddos and I will begin our journey together in Art by beginning the year with a Self Exploration Unit.  This unit focuses on the basic Elements of Art and allows me to get to know the kids and make personal connections.

Our first project will be creating Monochromatic Self Portraits that will become a collaborative piece with all grade levels at Star Academy.  The end result will be a colorful wall mural full of inviting self portraits that will greet us every day as we turn the corner to the new Art Room!  Stay tuned to see our original photos of how it turns out!

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